B-3 (Boring Blog Business)

B-3 (Boring Blog Business)

Nothing but boring blog business tonight.

My blogroll got hosed. (My bad!) So, I am trying to revamp it. With the exception of the blogging couples and the Dot Moms, I just had to split it to make it more managable. (I read wayyyy too many blogs.)

I love to read the blogs of couples who both blog. It is fun to get an idea of the personalities of the two people who are “coupled”. (Okay, so the only “couple” I know who didn’t make the couples list is Busy Mom and Busy Baby. They are the only mother/son combination that I know, so I couldn’t really make their own list. Or could I…?) Anyway, if you fit into the couples category(ie: you both blog) or you are a Dot Moms contributor and are not in one of those lists, please let me know. I want to add you to it! If you were on my blogroll before and are not anymore, let me know! Like I said, I horked it and did my best to get most of it back.

If you want to be linked and are not, now is your time to speak up. I read a lot of you and forget to add you because my blogroll is so out of control OR I just started reading you before I horked my list. So, really, don’t be shy! Speak now or forever be un-linked.

This now concludes the Boring Blog Business. Unless of course, one of you wonderful people wants to lend me a hand in a total site makeover. I am in desperate need of one. However, my family thinks that the money should be spent on trivial things like food, electricity and clothes. How selfish are they?! (And yes, I am kidding about them being selfish.)


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