Damn spammers!

Damn spammers!

I am angry. Seeing red. Want to reach through this computer and hurt someone.

I am temporarily turning off all comments. I just got 57 spam comments in about 2 minutes. Nasty ones that really and truly will be sending that spammer straight to hell with his buddies.

Once I have things worked out or have switched over to ExpressionEngine, I will allow comments. I hate doing this, but this is ridiculous!

UPDATE: Apparently, I can only close comments on the new entries. Oh sure, like that will work. Spammers never use the new entries. I know that MT has the blacklist thingie and all, but I am probably moving away from MT anyway. I have the ExpressionEngine and Clint is running WordPress. I just hate to think that I have to deal with a new template and everything. Seeing as I am only smart enough (blogwise) to get myself into trouble, I won’t be trying to create a new template for a new platform. Not just yet. So, if you come back here and see the most boring look EVER seen here, don’t panic. I will put the bells and whistles back when I can. Besides, you come here to read my words,right? Not to marvel at my beautiful site. (Goodness, I need some Moxie in my life! But HE says I need to pay bills right now and not use the money to just make my blog pretty. Damn responsible spouse! lol)


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