Dehorking the horked up blog

Dehorking the horked up blog

It looks like my blog is back. A big old thank you goes out to Buzz for letting me bunk over at his place today. I tried my best to clean up any mess I left. (Oh, and about that whole toothbrush in the toilet incident…It wasn’t my fault, Buzz. Really, that could’ve happened to anyone.) And of course, a big *smooch* to nef for letting everyone know that we, too, had no idea what was going on with my blog. (I still say it was the terrorists, the PTA or Non-Coffee Drinkers of America..NCDA.)

After a lot of tedious labor (sending an email), we (meaning he) got the blog hostage situation (de-horking the site) under control. It seems that the terrorists (server hosts) had somehow taken over and decaffeinated my site (reset all of my settings.)

My response to that is…whahuh? How do you “oopsie” reset all of my settings…AGAIN? Good thing he handled it because I would’ve been all up in their face and laying down the law and putting the smack down on them….

Yeah, yeah, I couldn’t keep a straight face with that one either. I guess that is why I am sent in to do the ass kissing sweet talking and he is sent in to do the ass kicking negotiating.

Anyhoo, I will be back later with more. Right now I need a stiff drink cup of coffee.


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