Did I really just read that?

Did I really just read that?

I have been working my tail off for the last days of school and you want an entry, too? I just don’t have it. It is sapped right out of me. So, instead, I leave you with a few of the stories I read today that had me scratching my head and saying….WTF?

This made me laugh! I think it needs to be marketed here in America, but with a little bit of attitude thrown in there. Scare them into keeping it down! (It of course being the seat. What did you think I meant?)

When I saw this it made me realize why I never thought he was funny in the first place. This is considered funny? The greatest comic prank ever? Prank? Sure. Funny? Well, not in my book. I won’t go into how I reacted to it. (I would like to hear how you did, though.)

And this? Drunk driving this? Seriously, now, which one is the bigger ass here?


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