Does anyone actually watch er anymore? Anyone?

Does anyone actually watch er anymore? Anyone?

This entry is nothing more than a selfish plea for my own peace of mind to anyone who actually saw er tonight. Everyone else, just check out the next entry. This one will bore you to tears. (And probably make me look pretty darn pathetic for actually putting this out there.)

If this doesn’t involve you, just move along. There is nothing to see here.

Okay, so for *any* of you who actually watched Friends and didn’t immediately channel surf afterwards and maybe, just maybe stayed tuned for er, I need you, man!

So, since I have kids running wild, I decided to record Friends. And then had it set to record er afterwards. Soooo, Friends runs late. (They do this to piss off the people who record it…I just KNOW it!) Now that means that the end of er was cut off. Problem? Well, duh!

I cannot watch something and not know the end. That just sucks. Did ANYONE see er? Anyone? To the end? I got all the way to the part where Kovac just shows up to the graduation and they are looking for Abby and don’t know if she will make it. (Yes, I broke my cardinal rule of going to the end to see if I caught it all or not.)

So, tell me, my sweet savior who actually saw the entire show, how close to the end was that? What did I miss? And most importantly, do I need to throw my tv set through the windows of NBC because of their stupid programming?

If I am close enough to the end, I will watch it if I can find out how it ended. If not, I think I am just going to have to add NBC to my list of “Things That Make Me Want To Go All Sopranos On Their Ass.”

Can anyone help me out?

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