Well, I officially got the call from one of the new Stepford Wives asking if I can pass over the binders for the position I am leaving.

My response? “Hell yes you can have them! Would you like me to slip the knife out of my back for them to reuse, too, or are you hoping for a fresh one?”

Okay, I didn’t say that last part. Yet. But I wanted to say it. The thing is, I think that she just may be one of “them.” You know which type I am talking about.

I wish I could describe to you the intense feelings I have over finally being rid of them this hell this position. At first, I had anxiety over even having to deal with it. I mean, let’s face it, these women gave me great material! I have to admit, it really can be fun at times being a thorn in someone’s side who has done everything in their power to tear you down and make you feel like you have never been, and will never be welcome in their group. Yet, I hate that I let anyone, let alone a group of catty women, make me feel less than for even a moment. They aren’t worth the stress and tears they caused me. They rank right up there with my childhood nemesis. (Only I think the junior high girls were more mature.) I know that not only my peace of mind, but my stress levels will dramatically decline after ridding myself of these women**.

So that brings me to the other emotion. Sheer, unadulterated BLISS! I am free of the childish games. Free of the backstabbing. Free of the petty and spiteful things they do to each other. Free of the demand to spend no less than 20 hours a week on “business.” Free of, well, let me just say it, the bitches who made my last year at this school sheer hell.

Bitter? Yeah, I guess I am. Sorry I took the position in the first place? Not at all. In fact, it gave me a great “gift” that I cannot get into now, but let’s just say, I get the last word. My husband says I need to forgive and move on. Oh, I have every intention of doing that. But, please, a jab now and then feels so good. (Does that make me evil? lol)

Of course, this post makes me wonder if I sound as bitter as I feel. Then I realized, I don’t care. It’s better to get it out than, well, put the hurt on one of these women for insulting me yet one more time!

**I have said it before, but I want to be really clear about something here. Not every woman on the board was horrible. I had a couple of friends that pretty much salvaged it for me. Those friendly women are not the ones I am talking about here. Those women are above the cattiness of the group. I just wanted to be clear that I don’t have such negative feelings towards all of them. (Just most!)

Oh yeah, and I am not against the PTA as an organization. Just the group that I was subjected to.


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