Mooooom! You are so immature!

Mooooom! You are so immature!

Okay, I admit it. I have an immature side. No. I really do. Let’s just take an incident this weekend as an example.

I am with the kidlets (all 3 of them) at a Chain Bookstore that doesn’t sell Starbucks but does sell coffee. (Yes, okay, I was at Borders.) So anyway, I let Kidlet Jr. take the Little Diva to the children’s reading area to look at some books. Kidlet Sr. takes off towards whatever it is that preteen boys like to read that won’t give their mother a heart attack in shock. I wander just 2 aisles over towards the computer section. (Yes, I was in the computer section. It’s all for you, people. I sacrificed my time in a bookstore to look at computer books in order to make this place a bit better for you. As you can see, I didn’t stay there long.) So anyway, Kidlet Jr. comes over to me looking a bit upset. This is the conversation that took place.

(Perhaps here would be a good place to warn you that if you do not find elementary school bathroom-crude type humor funny, you really won’t enjoy this story. You should probably just move along and come back later.)

Kidlet Jr.: “Mom. I have a problem.”
Me: (without looking up) “What’s up, dude?”
Kidlet Jr.: “Well, I was playing with my balls and one of them slipped out of my hand and it bounced up on top of a shelf and I can’t get it now.”
Me: “Well, maybe you should just keep your balls in your shorts and that wouldn’t happen.” *giggle giggle snort*
Kidlet Jr. “Moooooommmm! I mean it. I need you to see if you can find my balls.”
Me: *laughing too hard to respond*
Kidlet Jr.: “Mom. I am serious. Stop laughing I don’t mean those balls. Now come help me before someone steals my balls.”
Me: “Dude, really. You really shouldn’t be playing with them in the store anyway.”
Kidlet Jr.: *stare*

So, I get my immature self up off of the floor to go rescue my son’s balls when I glance over at a man sitting at the end of the aisle in a big comfy chair. He is laughing so hard he is holding his side.

I just nod all mature like….

… then burst out into a fresh fit of giggles.

I swear. You just can’t take me anywhere.


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