So today I was listening to the radio and they started to talk about the UFOs. These objects showed up on the plane’s radar.

The DJ talking about it this morning had an interesting viewpoint on it. He felt that there has always been intelligent life out there who has been keeping their eyes on us. Seeing what a mess we are making of everything right now, they are using this time in our history to let their presence be known. He suggests a “scare-tactic” approach to show us that they could annihilate us with no problem if we don’t chill out and quit being such idiots as a race (mankind).

I thought that was rather interesting. What do I think? Do I think there is any other intelligent life out there beside us Earthlings? I do. I think it is naive to think in this entire huge universe, that we Earthings are the only intelligent (although questionable intelligence at times) life anywhere in the universe. If that is the case, and we are alone, great. But isn’t that like a HUGE waste of universal space to only inhabit this tiny little rock called Earth?

It made me wonder what other people think, too. I mean, whether this is a hoax or not or whether it is a diversion or not, what are your views on the whole extra-terrestrial life issues? Do you think there is intelligent life out there somewhere?

(Do you have Reeses Pieces Candy stored up in case ET comes to visit or are you hoping Will Smith will come kick some alien butt?)


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