We live. We show. He laughed!

We live. We show. He laughed!

They didn’t take over.
I am not in the Bahamas with him.
But they are still here.

And we have a house showing anytime now. As in we will be diving out windows and doors on a moments notice to rid the house of it’s pesky homeowners so that the picky house hunters won’t be offended by the fact that someone actually lives here.

The realtor called at 9:00am and ever so sweetly said, “We have a showing set up at your home at 9:30am this morning. Is that okay?”

To which I replied, “#!%*!” At least that is what I thought. I think my actual reply was something like, “Oh I SO don’t think so. I have four 8 yr old boys passed out in my living room, a 10 year old who really needs his sleep sacked out in bed and a toddler that I am not about to wake up yet. Can we possibly move this to noon or so?”

After trying to stifle a laugh, he replied, “You have my sympathy. No showings until after noon. Have a nice day.”

I swear I heard that man laugh at me as he was hanging up.


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