What a day!

What a day!

Today is going to be one of those days that energizes me. Oh sure, on the surface it looks hectic, but in reality…well, it is hectic. But it all revolves around the kids, so I am excited.

It started with taking the hamster up to the school for show and tell. Oh yes, we were such the hit. (I am working it. I got called cool by the tough-to-find-anything-cool-these-days boy, so I am workin it.) Of course, I absolutely love his teacher, so I stayed much longer than the 5 minutes I swore to him that it would take. I think he knows by now to add at least 30 minutes to whatever I say when I say I am going to the school. (I wish I could just take this teacher and pack her up with our things and let her not only teach the kids every grade, but be my very own best friend. Oh wait. That’s just psychotic. I mean, a little too “Misery“-sounding to be healthy. Maybe what I meant to say is that she ranks as high as it comes when it comes to wonderful teachers and people and I will miss her.)

So anyway, in 2 hours it is back up to the school for a field trip with Kidlet Jr’s class. Last week I got to go to the Natural History Museaum with the stinky-sweaty 4th graders. (And I am still a bit peeved with a few of you poopy-heads who laughed at my expense when I moaned about the smelly bus ride home.) This time it is to the Nature Center. I have taken this field trip every year for 5 years. Starting 3 years ago, I have gone twice a year. (Once with each kid.) I am pretty sure I now qualify to actually lead the tours and make the presentations. Of course, with any field trip, you run into the situation of what other parents are going… otherwise known as “who am I going to be teamed up with to watch these crazy pint sized people and am I going to want to cause bodily harm to this person by the time it is over?” I don’t know this group of parents as well as the 4th grade parents, so it will be a crap shoot. The teachers are amazing though. Both boys had this teacher for 2nd grade and I absolutely adore her. She is one of the other top ranking teachers and women I know. So, all in all it will be fun if for no other reason than I get to spend a few hours with my kiddo and hang with a great lady. Oh sure, there will be bugs and it will be hot and I have will have to try my best not to lose any of the other kids, but I am looking forward to it.

For those of you who thought the rainy, wet-dog smell of the 4th grade bus trip was funny, you’ll get a kick out of the fact that this time it will be a humid, sweaty-because-they-all-have-to-wear-jeans, tired group of 2nd graders on the bus. Ahhh, the bliss. (But, yes, I will still call you poopy heads for laughing. Just so you know.)

That is my day today. This is the kind of volunteering I love. The kind where I get to be with the kids and interact and actually see the teachers and students in action.

I’ll let you know how it goes later today. Wish me luck. (And send me coffee. I think I am going to need it!)


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