And on the 5th day, she rested

And on the 5th day, she rested

**(See update at the bottom of this entry)

When she looked around and saw all that had been done, she said. “It is good.” (And he said, “Get the hell off the computer already, woman!”)

Well, first, thank you for all of you that have left comments letting me know you made it here and those of you who have let me know of problems you have found.  (Please, click around and see what you can see and what isn’t working.  I appreciate anything you notice that should be/needs to be fixed.)

Okay, and about the comments where you have to wait for validation/moderation, the only reason I am doing that is because I have had at least 100 nasty spam a day on the other blog server.  I am fed up with it and am trying to do something to get that under control.  If you join, you don’t have to wait for the comment to go through.  Otherwise, I have to okay it (and I am giving the okay to all of them, of course, unless you are trying to get us to go to your hot donkeys with three boobed women porn site.  Not really going to okay that one.) OR I can start using captcha (that box thingie where you have to type the words or numbers you see) and then your comments are immediately there (member or not.) What is your opinion on this?  You see, I am going to always keep writing even if no one reads or comments; however, I want to make this as user-friendly as I can for you so that it will be easy for you to interact if you want to.  (*whew* mouth full there)

Talk to me, my friends.  It’s all about you.  cheese

As for me, my plans for today (when I am not racing out of my house because someone wants to pick it over), I am going to go read all of my favorite blogs that I have neglected the past week.  I have missed you all!  (Yes, you!  I am totally talking about you and your blog.  You know I am!)

Have a great day and enjoy a hot cup of coffee (courtesy of the Java Diva, babyyyyyy!)


UPDATE:  Okay, it seems that it is a PITA with the comments having to be moderated.  I mean, isn’t it all about the instant gratification? (Just ask Mindy or Meeta about that one. wink ) Zanitta had a good point about having to remember too many passwords etc.  However, I am going to be adding some nifty new features for members like avatars, access to any private messages (not that I ever, ever have those. *shudder*) Oh, and of course, the free bottomless cup of coffee!  Your call.  If you worry about privacy, let me know.  I can make it where nothing but your name shows up.  Just an FYI)

So, anyway, as for the comments, even though you don’t have to be a member to comment, we are going to do away with the moderating of comments *for now*.  We are going to go with the captcha route. Why not?  It’s worth a try.  We’ll see how that works.  I just really don’t feel like dealing with the spam *or* treating you like children needing a babysitter.  So, let me know if you have any problems with the new comment system, okay?  You all let me know which one you prefer.  If no one speaks up, we are going to have to let the 3boobies, and t&a do all the voting.  Man, I am so lucky!  I have the best readers in the world.  Yes, the world


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