I’m leaving… on a jet plane…I mean a mini-van.

I’m leaving… on a jet plane…I mean a mini-van.


This is where I am going to be for the next week (and then some).  So, no blogging from me!  (Okay, you back there who applauded, that was just RUDE!)

But wait!  Would I leave you without some form of entertainment?  Nevah!  So, for your enjoyment, I am leavingthe place in good hands.  We have 6 surprise bloggers.  (Meaning, it was a surprise to them that I volunteered them to do this!) However, I absolutely love their blogs and I know you will love whatever it is they do here.  AND to top it all off, one of them has never blogged before, and she is going to debut here on my little ol’ blog.  (Yipppee! )

Seriously, the BUZZ is that these bloggers are GENUINE friends (and GENUINE MATES) who will share their SUBURBAN BLISS with you and let you travel into the SCARY DEPTHS OF THEIR BRAINS while discussing not only things that any good MOMMY BLOG like mine would, but many other things as well.  So treat them well.  I would tell you who is actually blogging here, but I guess I will let that part be a surprise.  I mean, I wouldn’t want to tell you who they are now.  That would just ruin it, wouldn’t it?  So, I’m just going to let you be surprised!  wink


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