Newness everywhere!

Newness everywhere!

Okay, so if you are reading this thank a teacher that means you found the new digs.  I have moved everything over to Expression Engine and to a new server. (Yes, I do like to overachieve. Why do you ask?)

I do love EE.  Okay, sure, I have horked it up more times than I can count.  Okay, yes, I have alienated my friends and family working on it.  Yes, long time commenters got locked out for an entire day.  But, wasn’t it worth it?  (Oh, and as for the comments…if you tried to comment and couldn’t, that should be fixed.  Let me know if you still have problems.  Just email me and let me know.

In fact, that goes for anything you find messed up here. Let me know, please.  I have customized this entire blog myself.  A first.  No wait!  I forgot to mention the way cool nifty coffee cup logo.  Clint made that for me.  (Thanks babe.)

I hope you like the new styling blog.  Make youself at home, but please, try not to break anything.  I am doing a great job of that myself.  😉


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