No longer a Barbie deranged Mommy!

So the mailman rings my door bell today.  Want to know what he had for me Little Diva?

It’s HER! Oh sure, I know it isn’t really HER, but it is just like her.  I can stop looking for a replacement.  (Hopefully, this means I will stop searching my house for something that isn’t here, too.) I don’t know what to do with myself now that I don’t have the hobby of searching the house and the internet and every store known to man for this Barbie anymore.

Thank you all SO MUCH who sent the eBay link to me.  It got the man to search and find a ‘Buy It Now’ so that I wouldn’t lose my bid.  She’s MINE Little Diva’s now! 

I am just thrilled!  So is Little Diva….just look!  (I’ll probably even let her take it out of the box one day, too.)



Note:  Just after this picture was taken, Little Diva ripped open the box and has been playing with her Barbie from da ‘hood all night.  Now Little Diva is finally in bed.  Happily sleeping.  I plan on playing with the Barbie now. (It is SO my turn!) In fact, I think I just make take her to bed with me to sleep tonight.  I am just that happy that we found her!


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