Oh pick me! I want to play with the cool kids, too!

Well, if he’s doing it (and I love to be the not-so-genuine article), and he’s doing it (and he never does these) and she’s doing it (and she gets almost 1000 readers a day), then I suppose, I have to do it, too.  (Okay, I don’t have to, but it is the weekend and the readership is down and frankly, why not?  Would you rather read about my tan?  My should-I or shouldn’t-I wear this tank top without a bra debate?  My desperate need for a pedicure, but my more intense dislike of all things feet?


Okay, so you get this.  (Besides, my answer was different than all of theirs!)

crystal heart
Heart of Crystal

What is Your Heart REALLY Made of?
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What a coincidence!  Crystal used to be my porn name.  I knew that would come back to haunt me!


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