Okay, but just this once!

Goodness, people!  So you are really coming to the new site in hopes of seeing things like three boobies or somesuch sicko stuff?  I am surprised at you.  But, since it is a new server and we are celebrating the new place, just this once I will become one of “those” sites.  But you better not expect this kind of depravity ever again.  Understood?

Okay, for those of you looking for 3 boobies, tits and ass, keep reading.  (Yes, I said it.  I might as well say it if I have to post it.  Sheeeesh!)

a picture with 3 boobies:


A picture of a set of tits:


and finally…asses:


Now, please, people, let’s not be requesting such depravity again, okay?  I shudder to think why any of you would want to see these things.  Let’s let this little entry just be our secret, alrighty?  Thanks.


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