The Sound of Silence

I was wondering if the blog world comes to a halt on the weekends.  I would think that more blog reading is done on Saturday and Sunday than on other days of the week when people are supposed to be working.  I guess this is not so given the fact that I average nearly 200 hits per day, and today at the time of this post , I have about 62.  I wonder if bloggers are only prolific at there jobs?  If you’re a lurker here, leave a “hello” for Jenn for when she returns.  Of course, if you want I could pimp my site a bit too.  Go over to Genuine and and tell me how great of a marketing genius pathetic I am for asking you to go there! 

Where is Mrs. G anyway?  I thought she was blogging here.  Well, I know we only have one computer in our house and I growl each time she gets close to the keyboard, but hey c’mon Mommy where’s the posts?


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