Things that make you go WHAT??!!

Things that make you go WHAT??!!

So in lieu of Jenn being gone, I know she loves to rant, so I’m ranting for her.

I was having a chocolate craving because well, I’m stressed- I have piles of work on my desk that doesn’t seem to be reducing, utility companies to call that are apparently experiencing high call volume so call back later and someone’s painting the halls here so I’m getting high (that’s just an added bonus).

I had a Twix bar, unopened sitting on my desk and a coworker of mine walked by. (note: this coworker was male). He took the Twix bar from me and said, “Meeta, women with bodies like yours shouldn’t eat this in order to keep yourself in the great shape you are in”. WTF?!!! I wanted the freaking Twix bar. But I was too steamed to talk right then.

Yes, I was a bit annoyed.  The thing is…

He has no clue that there was a Hershey’s bar on my desk too that had recently disappeared. *hee*


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