I sure hope that Jenn and Clint are having a great vacation!  Don’tcha just LOVE vacations!  I got to be a-thinkin’ about vacations that Pat and I have taken over the years and it occurs to me that one of my favorites ever was in a rather surprising place.  Toronto.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s surprising that we would like Toronto, I’m saying that we generally hate cities.  Vacation in NYC?  No thanks!  Detroit?  Hell no!  San Francisco?  No…..wait, maybe San Francisco.  That one tempts me.

But Toronto was great!  It was many things that other big cities are not.  It was clean.  It was quiet.  It felt safe to walk around at night.  And the people were so friendly!!  We left there (begrudgingly) in love with Canada.  I still love Canada and would go back there in a New York Toronto Minute.

So how about you guys?  Given a choice, would you vacation in a big city or a small out of the way place?


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