1+1+1+1=chaos x 19 squared or The Lots of Children Chaos Theory

1+1+1+1=chaos x 19 squared or The Lots of Children Chaos Theory

Okay, I guess since he feels the need to defend himself against accusations that I have been shoved into the freezer or buried in the backyard, I should probably step up and let you all know I am fine.  I am in Houston visiting family.  I was supposed to go to Tiara Happy Hour tonight, but it looks like I am not going to be able to make it.  I have too many kids to take care of (mine and a baby).  But, rest assured, Natalie, I am still working on it and have not totally given up all hope of getting there.  Your husband does still owe me a beer, you know.

I will try to catch up on blogging later, but adding one kid to the mix shakes everything up.  Someone should do the math to backup a theory of mine. That is:  That the more kids you add to the mix is not proportional to the chaos that is added.  For instance, if you have one kid and then add one kid, the chaos does not double…it like quadruples.  Then if you add one more to those two, it is like 9 times more chaotic.  So, see why I am having trouble blogging?  I have 4 kids here.  (Oh, and I forgot to mention, if the additional child(ren) is not actually your child(ren), then the chaos factor is squared.)

Got it?

Good, because I am just too tired to try to convince you that I have indead proven this one this weekend!  (Feel free to come take over for me if you don’t believe me, though.)


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