Apparently, blogging makes you pregnant

Apparently, blogging makes you pregnant

So let me see if I have this correct….

Very recently…

Mrs. Geniune gave birth to the handsome AJ.

Lee’s wife has given birth to the beautiful Jayne

Lauren has given birth to adorable Grace

-Today The Sarcastic Journalist gave birth to the very precious Ellie just this morning.

Due to pop soon are….

-Yvonne over at Aged and Confused

-The Procrastinatrix over at Inspired Procrastination

Excuse me, but WTF is in the water that I don’t know about?  I mean, seriously, you people would tell me if there was some link between blogging and pregnancy, wouldn’t you?  Blogging doesn’t make you pregnant, does it?  I mean it.  I’ll just shut this blog down, my friend.  That crap can send someone over the edge!

To all of my blogging friends who have recently given birth and to all of my friends about to give birth (and to a very special and incredible friend who recently found out she is pregnant with twins…for someone else, no less), I congratulate you!  With all of my heart I wish you the very best and happiness always!


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