Insomniac fun

Insomniac fun

Why haven’t you written in a few days, Jenn? Why thanks for asking.  I shall tell you.

You see, when you are an insomniac, there are a few things that are givens. 

(1) You will see an extraordinary amount of infomercials.  And some Home Shopping crap.  (If you are really lucky, you may see something like this.  I, however, was not so lucky to catch this big fun.  Thanks Melly for pointing that out.)

(2) You will begin to think that people who sleep an entire 8 hours a night are complete wusses.

(3) You will become slap-ass crazy.  (Yes, that is the official medical term.  Look it up.) I know there are some people that I don’t have to explain sleep deprivation to.  They get it.  Of course, when it is a new baby that is keeping you up, it is frustrating because you could be sleeping.  When you’re an insomniac, it is your own body’s fault.  So you can pretty much kiss the whole “I would be sleeping, but…” argument out the window.  So, without someone to blame, you just get slap-ass crazy. 

Case in point.  Here are a few entries that I have started over the last couple of days.  Seriously.  (The titles, at least.  I think the entries themselves would scar scare you too badly.  I’m not sure you can handle them.)

Spree Candy and Why I think it must be laced with heroine.

Did you hear that too? Voices in the night.

101 Ways to entertain yourself with a roll of tape.

You’ve got to be kidding me…The best of late night tv.

See, what I mean now?  Slap. Ass. Crazy.

That’s where I’ve been.  And you?


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