More blogiversary stuff

More blogiversary stuff

I was sitting here thinking after my last post about something.  (Amazing, I know.) I am going to ask you all for something.  No, now wait.  Come back!  For my blogiversary I want to ask you a few things. (Indulge me.  It IS my blogiversary, afterall!) Tell me why you come here.  I mean really.  I know at times you are probably asking yourself that.  (Now is not the time to wonder yourself.  It is time to stroke my ego let me know why you read this blog.) What are your favorite types of posts?  Do I reveal too much about myself, not enough or just the right amount?  More pictures?  Less pictures?  What pictures?  Have any questions?  Ask away, my friends.

Okay, the truth of the matter is that I have really tried to avoid posts about the blog.  To me, that can get so boring.  The whole “blog business” and “let’s talk about the blog rather than talking about whatever it was that caused me to start a blog in the first place” types of posts bore the hell outta me.  (And when your own blog bores you, you are in deep trouble!)

Indulge me this once and I promise you a minimum of 90 days without talking about the blog.  (Unless of course there are technical issues that you may need to know….or if something big has changed….or if I just feel like it.  But those are the only times I will talk about it.)

So, in order to make this not all about me (which really, you know it is), what else happened on July 3 in history?  Well, surely nothing as monumental as the beginnings of this here blog over at Blogger, but some other things did happen on this day (just now LAST year on this day.  This was the most important thing!)


1854 – Composer Leos Janacek was born.

1879 – Composer Philippe Gaubert was born.

1941 – Cab Calloway and his orchestra recorded the standard, “St. James Infirmary.”

1969 – Brian Jones (formerly of the Rolling Stones) was found dead in his swimming pool at his Cotchford Farm, Hartfield, England, home.

1971 – Jim Morrison (Doors) died in Paris at age 27.

1975 – Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night) was arrested for cocaine possession.

1995 – Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) pled innocent to drug charges.

2002 – Sony/ATV Publishing announced it would buy a country music catalog from Gaylord Entertainment for $157 million.

Misc Other Historical Crap

1608 – The city of Quebec was founded by Samuel de Champlain.

1775 – U.S. Gen. George Washington took command of the Continental Army at Cambridge, MA.

1790 – In Paris, the marquis of Condorcet proposed granting civil rights to women.

1844 – Ambassador Caleb Cushing successfully negotiated a commercial treaty with China that opened five Chinese ports to U.S. merchants and protected the rights of American citizens in China.

1863 – The U.S. Civil War Battle of Gettysburg, PA, ended after three days. It was a major victory for the North as Confederate troops retreated.

1871 – The Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Company introduced the first narrow-gauge locomotive. It was called the “Montezuma.”

1878 – John Wise flew the first dirigible in Lancaster, PA.

1880 – “Science” began publication. Thomas Edison had provided the principle funding.

1890 – Idaho became the 43rd united state.

1898 – During the Spanish American War, a fleet of Spanish ships in Cuba’s Santiago Harbor attempted to run a blockade of U.S. naval forces. Nearly all of the Spanish ships were destroyed in the battle that followed.

1901 – The Wild Bunch, led by Butch Cassidy, committed its last American robbery near Wagner, MT. They took $65,000 from a Great Northern train.

1903 – The first cable across the Pacific Ocean was spliced between Honolulu, Midway, Guam and Manila.

1912 – Rube Marquand of the New York Giants set a baseball pitching record when earned his 19th consecutive win.

1922 – “Fruit Garden and Home” magazine was introduced. It was later renamed “Better Homes and Gardens.”

1924 – Clarence Birdseye founded the General Seafood Corp.

1930 – The U.S. Congress created the U.S. Veterans Administration.

1934 – U.S. Federal Deposit #### Corporation (FDIC) made its first payment to Lydia Losiger.

1937 – Del Mar race track opened in Del Mar, CA.

1939 – Chic Young’s comic strip character, “Blondie” was first heard on CBS radio.

1940 – Bud Abbott and Lou Costello debuted on NBC radio.

1944 – The U.S. First Army opened a general offensive to break out of the hedgerow area of Normandy, France.

1944 – During World War II, Soviet forces recaptured Minsk.

1945 – U.S. troops landed at Balikpapan and take Sepinggan airfield on Borneo in the Pacific.

1945 – The first civilian passenger car built since February 1942 was driven off the assembly line at the Ford Motor Company plant in Detroit, MI. Production had been diverted due to World War II.

1950 – U.S. carrier-based planes attacked airfields in the Pyongyang-Chinnampo area of North Korea in the first air-strike of the Korean War.

1954 – Food rationing ended in Great Britain almost nine years after the end of World War II.

1962 – Jackie Robinson became the first African American to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

1974 – The Threshold Test Ban Treaty was signed, prohibiting underground nuclear weapons tests with yields greater than 150 kilotons.

1976 – 103 hostages were rescued by an Israeli commando unit at the raid on Entebbe airport in Uganda. The hostages had been taken from an Air France jetliner.

1981 – The Associated Press ran its first story about two rare illnesses afflicting homosexual men. One of the diseases was later named AIDS.

1986 – U.S. President Reagan presided over a ceremony in New York Harbor that saw the relighting of the renovated Statue of Liberty.

1986 – Mikhail Baryshnikov became a U.S. citizen at Ellis Island, New York Harbor.

1988 – The USS Vincennes shot down an Iran Air jetliner over the Persian Gulf, killing all 290 people aboard. The jetliner was misidentified as an Iranian F-14 fighter.

1991 – U.S. President George Bush formally inaugurated the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota.

1997 – U.S. President Clinton made his first formal response to the charges of sexual harassment from Paula Jones. He denied all the charges and asked that the judge dismiss the case.

2003 – Jenn launched Java Diva over at blogspot and history was made!  (Shuddup, it’s MY history!)


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