Oooops! My Bad!

Oooops! My Bad!

I have been a very bad blogger friend.  So many of you are so good at leaving comments and coming by even when there is nothing but drivel on my site.  (Drivel, not dribble.  I am not that bad, yet.) So, let me apologize for not being a good reciprocal blogging friend.

I am thankful that one of you called me on it.  (Don’t worry, Philip, I won’t tell them that it was you.) You see, I need that from time to time.  I need the bloggers that I admire to say, “Hey, wait a minute!  I take the time to come here and you don’t even acknowledge me?  You are SO not all that!” (For the record, Philip did not say that to me.  That is what I said to myself after he was very kind to me.)

So, instead of doing the typical “These are my daily reads and I want you to go there” posts, I am posting this instead:

“These are the blogs that I read all the time, but I really need to let them know that I read them all the time because my lazy ass hasn’t commented there in so long and I am sure that they have about given up on me; so, won’t you save my reputation and go over and tell them howdy for me?”

Tell Philip at The Blue Sloth that I know I am not all that and thank you.

And tell Ben at Hey, you that I appreciate his support but I still want to come live in Aggieland.  (And give him a hug while you’re there.  He has had a rough few days.  C’mon.  Spread the love people.)

Will you tell Shylah over at Simply Shylah that I surely have not forgotten about her and miss our talks.

On your way, will you stop by and give Emily at Mad Mommy Chronicles a shout out and tell her that she rocks!

If you see Shelley at Generation X-hausted, tell her I am exhausted too and could use a break with her book!

Kristine at has already been asked for forgiveness, but will you give her some love too.

Did you happen to see Kathy Howe of kazoofus while you were out and about?  Did you tell her I miss her?

And finally, but not leastly (I can make that a word if I want to), give some belly rubs to the Procrastinatrix over at Inspired Procrastination and tell her that honest, those pregnancy books are in the mail. 

I realize now that this list is NO WHERE near complete.  There are way too many of you that I have let slip out of contact with.  Do me a favor.  Don’t just sit here, people.  Call me out.  I need a swift kick in the ass now and then.  I love you all and I promise Girl Scout promise to comment a lot more.  Scouts honor!


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