Running into the street and screaming with her!

Running into the street and screaming with her!

*Note:  This is not my typical G-rated post.  I am irritated.  Be forewarned.

Many times I have been willing to sit back when idiots decide it is time to gang up on a blogger.  When they feel free to say hurtful things and act superior simply because they can.  They pretend to forget that there is a real live human being writing these blogs.  It’s not that I am indifferent.  I just know that the people I admire so very much can handle themselves. 

However (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?), I have about had it up to here (I am raising my hand as high as it will go, people) with some people thinking they have a right to jump this wonderful woman’s case all the damn time.

I know (as well as you do) that there are many of us who would be downright thrilled to even be compared to her wonderfulness. (Don’t deny it.  You know you’d love to be in the same league with her, right?) So (although I know that she can fight her own battles), this one is for all the asshats messing with our girl….



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