Yes, I am still among the living

Yes, I am still among the living

Rumors of my escape back to the beach have been greatly exaggerated.  In truth, I had to drive down to Houston as soon as I got back from the beach.  I guess reality just wasn’t something I was ready for.  Bummer, huh!

Anyway, tomorrow I should be back home.  Can someonbe call ahead and let reality know that it shouldn’t be there?  I mean really, do we have to have to come back to reality yet?  Just say nooooo! 

So, in order to save me hours days on catching up with all of you, tell me here….what’s new in your world?  Catch me up on all of your lives.  Please. 

I miss you all.  Now, I am looking forward to hearing from you.  So tell, my friends! cheese 


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