A word of advice

A word of advice

Since I have been hanging out in the blogging world for over a year now, I can safely say that I have come to learn a lot about many bloggers.  One thing I have found among several of them is their desire to break into writing as a career.  For some, it is novels they seek to write.  For others, they would like a shot at the freelance world with newspapers and magazines.  (And others of us who have totally gone insane are going for both.) That being said, I would like to offer up a word of advice to any writer who is just embarking on this journey.

When you submit a column to an editor and he asks for revisions and a photo and thanks you, there is a good chance that the editor was actually interested in what you wrote.  Therefore, it truly would be in your best interest to actually read the publication that you submitted to soon after you have been accepted.  Because really, it can be very embarrassing to email an editor later and ask if he still has plans on running your column only to be told by that editor that it already ran last week

I’m just saying.


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