Bank fun for blondes

Bank fun for blondes

I am sure I have told you by now that I am blonde.  And yes, at times I enhance that blonde a bit.  However, today, the sheer “dumb blonde moment of the day” must have lightened my hair at least one shade soley based on my most “Duh” moment of the week.

I had to goto the bank.  However, my bank was not open.  Therefore, I had to go to a shared services facility. (Fancy name for a bank that will take your money and then charge you for the priviledge of doing so.) Having never been to this new bank before, I had to pretty much wing it when it came to figuring out what to do.  Not one to want to make a fool of myself, I quickly scanned the place to see what the regulars were doing.  No problem. Tellers? Where are the tellers?  Quickly scanning the signs, I see that those ATM looking things are says Tellers.  Got it. You don’t actually get to talk to people face to face but camera to video screen.  Not a problem.  That part was easy enough.

So I fill out the form (the correct one even) and send it through the little teller suction tube.  The teller comes on the little ATM-like screen and tells me that I need to sign the back of the check alongside Clint’s signature.  She then proceeds to tell me that I also need to put my right thumb print on the front of the check.

ZipZoooom the canister is sent back to me.  I sign the check.  No problem. 

Now, here is where my hair started to lighten a bit.

What did I do? I looked at the check.  Set it down and then proceeded to press my right thumb down on the front of the check.  All the while thinking, “What the hell good is this going to do?  Are they going to like dust it for fingerprints later? What kind of technology does this weird bank have?” Seeing nothing, I pick up the check, turn it over, turn it back over and frown.  “WTF?” I think.  “This makes no sense.”

Just as I am about to put the “invisible to the naked eye thumb-printed” check back into the bank cylinder, something catches my eye.  The tiny little ink pad on the corner of the counter.

Go on.  Laugh.  All I can say is thankfully I did not send it back blank and tell the teller how cool their bizarre technology was.  Because, surely, I would’ve found the video of that so very blonde moment floating around on the internet within days.


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