Driving Miss Daisy Day

School is definitely back in full swing.  How do I know?  Because there were three birthday parties today.  So, while he has been have a grand old time at GeekFest 04 QuakeCon, I have been playing taxi driver to the kidlets. While he abandonned me to go hang with the geeks, I have been playing Driving Miss Daisy all day.  Poor Gabriella finally said, “I just don’t want to take them anywhere else.  I want to go back home!” However, since every one of these parties were no less than 20 minutes apart from each other, scheduling did not allow for trips back home.  I have a brief reprieve where I now get to wait for 30 minutes until I go pick up again and drop off again. 

Did I mention that HE is at GeekFest 04 QuakeCon all day long? 

I am in desperate need of a little after hours cocktail, people.  I am just not cut out for the role of taxi driver on a Saturday after a long week.  I still need to do more writing tonight.  I promised myself I would.  And trust me, I always catch myself in my own lies. I am smart that way.  But, I don’t want to get started, get in the groove and then have to stop to go pick up kids.  After this pick-up, I have one more pick-up then drop off and then the last pick-up is at 11:30pm.

Did I mention that HE is at GeekFest 04 QuakeCon all day long?


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