I couldn’t have said it better myself

I don’t know getupgrrl personally and she doesn’t know me, but I’ve read her blog for a while now.  She is amazing.  We belong to the same sorority.  Neither one of us signed up for this sorority or wanted to be in it.  Trust me, though, when I say we definitely paid the dues required to become a member.  We are The Women Who Have Lost Babies.  Also sisters in our sorority (whose dues are just as high) are the infertile women.  You may not know from a glance if we are members of this club, but if you ask, many of us will tell you.  We will be able to tell you the exact moment our lives were turned upside down by this revelation.  Everything about that moment is forever etched in our brains.

She said it so much better than I could.  For the first time ever, someone else voiced the pain and emptiness of the lack of ritual in our culture that many of us need.  I foolishly thought no one would understand that need.  I underestimated how many of us there are who have felt just this way.  She was right on with this entry. 


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