Mentally speaking, it isn’t my fault

Mentally speaking, it isn’t my fault

I have a confession of sorts to make.  Well, not so much a confession as it is an admission.  Maybe not as much an admission as it is a shocking revelation.  Anyway, to the point.  But, oh for the love of all things bloggish, do not tell anyone.

I almost miss volunteering up at the school.  Rather, I miss being in the loop and up at the school as much as I used to be.  Now, wait.  I did not say I miss the PTA.  Reread that.  Again.  Okay.  I miss being in the know.  Today I had two conversations that stuck with me.  (Okay, I admit it.  Most conversations are forgotten shortly after I have them because, well, I am the human version of Dory in Finding Nemo.  There.  I said it.  Now, where was I?) Someone on the Board (the Board) called me yesterday to ask me what chairman position I wanted to volunteer for since I was no longer moving. When I finished laughing, I said that I really needed this year off after my experiences the previous year.  The Boardie went on to tell me how much they need volunteers this year and how low the volunteer numbers are etc.  (Gee, I wonder why?)

Later, I was talking to my closest friend and Partner in Crime at the school (whom I adore with all my heart) and she was reading off all of the positions available.  Yes, I admit, I asked what was open out of curiousity.  As much as I hated the awful way I was treated last year, I enjoyed being a part of the school.  (I said school people, not PTA.)

I am not sure what I was feeling.  Not regret.  I don’t regret getting the hell off of that Board.  Not saddness.  At least not for me.  Probably a touch of saddness that a few petty women can push good people away from helping out in their child’s school.  I felt badly that there were not enough volunteers this year.  Should I help?  What can I do?  Then I realized what I must be feeling.  There could be no other explanation.

I am suffering from a condition known as Stockholm Syndrome. It is the only explanation.  This is a brief description.  You read through my archives and then dare to tell me that it is not in fact what I am suffering from.

Virtually anyone can get Stockholm Syndrome if the following conditions are met:

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