It is a lazy Thursday afternoon here at Casa Java.  I am sitting around with not a whole lot going on at the moment.  My only plans are to go to an informational meeting at Gabriella’s school tonight.  (You know the kind.  Where the teacher gets to scan over the parents and see which ones she will be bothered by all year.  The one where you really should try to make a good impression.  Yes, that one.) So, I am thinking to myself, What can I do to spice up my day? Oh I know!  I’ll break a tooth!”

Yes, I am sitting there minding my own business chomping down on an animal cookie.  (I have a preschooler in the house.  Let it go.) Suddenly something was much harder and crunchier than a cookie.  Why, it was half of my tooth!  Lovely!  Luckily it is in the back of my mouth so no one will see it.  However, I am left with two options.  I can go to these meeting in some pain and just be the scowling mom.  Or I can beg borrow and steal to get some painkillers and go to this meeting as Mrs. Loopy Mom.  Decisions!  Decisions!

Let this be a lesson to you.  Beware of the animal cookies.  Those rhinos are a bitch!


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