School starts WHEN??!

School starts WHEN??!

The kids start school on Wednesday.  I am not saying that they start school ON a Wednesday, but rather, they start school THIS Wednesday.  And together, we are all freaked out by this.  Yes, all of us.

MY freaking out? Okay, imagine this:  You work at a place that was pretty cool.  It wasn’t incredible and it wasn’t horrible.  It was just fine.  But, then you got a raise.  It turns out that the people in your new department hate you.  They talk about you behind your back.  They pretty much tell you that they liked the other person whose job you took over better than they like you.  They are nasty,vindictive and two-faced.  So, you put in for a transfer.  You decide to leave not only the department, but the company.  You tell them you are leaving.  You tell them that they can feel free to hate all they want that you won’t be around to be their doormat anymore.  You are SO outta there.

Then the transfer falls through.  You end up having to stay at the company.  You are demoted and are back at entry level.  The snotty former co-workers have no problem sneering at you and laughing about your situation.  You are above caring what they think, but your stomach clenches and you want to throw up everytime you think about having to walk back into that company.  But, the fact of the matter is, you have no choice.  All choices about transfer and new job opportunities have been taken out of your hands.  You are going back, like it or not. 

Yep.  That’s me.  Going back to that school.  On Wednesday.  (My best friend asked me today, “So, are you going to deal with this with counseling or medication, cause woman, you are a total wack-job right now.” Yes.  That about sums it up.)

Brandon’s freaking out? His best friend moved in June.  The majority of the kids in his class are kids that he has successfully avoided for 5 years due to personality conflicts.  Now, all of them are in his class.  And he doesn’t even have his best friend to help him through it.  He is not sleeping, has severe stomach pains and is acting out like I have never seen him do before.  He is a sweeet kid, but right now he is so upset that he is taking it out on everyone else.  I hear him cry at night when he doesn’t think I do.

Zarek’s freaking out? His best friend is in another class.  He was really hoping they would be in the same class.  (When you are 8, that is a huge deal, people.) To top it off, the one child who is the biggest thorn in his side (and is a complete disruption to any class he has ever been in) is in his class.  He has a teacher that he likes, so he is happy about that.  But, he worries about not fitting in after telling everyone he was leaving. (Or that they will tease him or tell him they wished he had moved.  VERY unlikely, but very real in his mind anyway.) He has cried more than once over this.

So, you can understand why the 3 of us are freaked out about school starting this Wednesday.  None of us are looking forward to it.  None of us are where we want to be doing what we wanted to do.  All of us feel very alone with this.

How early is too early to teach the fine art of ditching school and hanging out at the mall?  Is it too soon yet?  What about for me?  Can I ditch those PTAnal Moms and go hang at the mall with the cool kids who snub them too?

More importantly, will one of you please write us a note excusing us from school before we all have a mental breakdown?  I’ll be your best friend and let you borrow my new lip gloss.  wink


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