So do you want my autograph?

So do you want my autograph?

Today was a first.  I was recognized by my blog.  Rather, my blog name was recognized.  I was in a Large Bookstore Chain looking at the different writing magazines.  There was a gentleman beside me looking at the same types of magazines.  We kept reaching for the same ones.  So, I made some brilliant comment like, “So, you’re a writer or writer wannabe?” He just replied that he is trying and asked me the same.  I told him that I was working on some freelance stuff as well as on a novel, but that mainly, my most consistent writing is on my blog.

“Blog?  What’s the name of your blog?”

“It’s not a big league one, so I am sure you haven’t heard of it.  It’s Mommy Needs Coffee but it is also known as Java Diva.”

“Java Diva?  I know that one!”

Of course, my first response was something amazingly gracious like “Whatever!”

When he came back with “Gotta hate that PTA, but I just love the way you stick it to them.  Too bad you had to stay there.” Well, I knew he read the blog.

And frankly, it was weird.  (No, he wasn’t weird.  Just that someone knew that about me without me having any idea who they are.) It was cool and strange and interesting and creepy and bizarre all in one.  Although, the creepy factor hit me first and I put Gabriella behind me and gave him a “Don’t you look at my daughter, weird stranger.” That only lasted a second, but the protective instinct hit first.  (Sorry about that.  You really were nice, Mr Reader Dude.)

So…My first random reader encounter with a stranger.  Hi Mr. Bookstore Dude Who Shocked Me Too Badly to Actually Get a Name.  *wave*


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