Hang on, Florida! There’s more coming!

Hang on, Florida! There’s more coming!


And here I thought that California was going to be the first state to just break off from the rest of the county and float off into the ocean.  I am starting to think that perhaps it will be Florida with they way these hurricanes keep pounding them! 

Stay safe, my Florida friends!

I just got off the phone with my brother who lives in Orlando.  He is doing great.  Just bored.  He said he only lost power for about an hour last night, but other than that all is well.  In fact, he has opened up the garage to grill and go outside for a quick smoke.  That says all is well in his world.  My aunt only had one broken window, which of course flooded that room with the rain.  But, it could’ve been much worse.  The only family I have yet to hear from is my cousin and her daughter.  However, my aunt says they are fine.  So *whew* looks like Orlando didn’t get the hit they were expecting. 


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