I can’t believe she actually did it!

I can’t believe she actually did it!

Well, she did it.  She moved.  She wasn’t supposed to move until this coming weekend, but decided that it was just time to go.  So Thursday afternoon I watched her load up her stuff into her U-haul and prepare to abandon me.  (I wasn’t “just watching” her because I was being mean and refusing to help.  I was keeping her son here at my house so that she wouldn’t have to chase him up and down the street when he escaped through the open door.) I tried to hold her son hostage in order to make her stay.  It did not work.  Not at all.  Then I tried to tell her that I was just going to refuse to say goodbye and then just lay in front of her truck and not let her go.  She just gave me a look that said that it wouldn’t work and to stop trying.  In the end, I just hugged her as tight as I could, said goodbye and watched her leave.  Sounds mature, doesn’t it.  Don’t let it fool you.  I was a whiny baby the rest of the day and went to bed early to pout. 

I think it all hit me this morning when I opened my front door and she wasn’t outside to wave good morning to like we did every morning before school.  The thing that makes me smile, though, is that I know she is happy now.  I know that she did exactly what she needed to do to take charge of her life and find the peace and happiness that she deserves so much.  Besides, I know her email address and phone number so it isn’t like she was able to get rid of me.  Oh no, I can become quite the stalker when I want to.

But it still leaves me without my coffee neighbor.  And I just brewed a fresh pot.  Anyone want to come over for a hot cup of coffee and a plate full of PTA gossip?  Both are guaranteed to make you smile.


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