It’s just a good day here!

Brandon ran for Student Council Treasurer and won.  (Good job, son.) I was nervous waiting to hear.  He ran against the daughter of a friend of mine.  Luckily, both kids are great kids and won’t be ugly about it.

And will wonders never cease?  Look! Brian of Being Daddy is back to blogging!  Yippee.

Oh, and let’s not forget…

The Apprentice is back on!  The “let’s pretend we are a real reality show for the summer” reality show Big Brother 5 is almost over. And the original bad boy or reality tv Survivor is coming back on next week.  God bless my DVR!  (This sounds suspiciously like I need to get a life!)

Let’s party with a couple of Friday tunes!


All I Wanna Do (is have some fun!)


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