This entry is too boring to deserve a real title

This entry is too boring to deserve a real title

What?!  No blogging since Tuesday?  Who is in charge of this joint anyway?  I want to file a complaint!  I want to sue!  HEY! 

What? I’m to blame?  My bad.

Things have been super crazy for me the past few days.  I am taking an online class, trying to get stuff written that needs to get submitted today(Well, actually yesterday), and revisions of submissions.  Oh and that whole parenting thing happening too.  It really irks me to no end when the whole real life thing happens and interferes with my blogging.

And since I am not big on quizzes or meme’s and I don’t have my own Friday 5, I’ll point you to an absolutely hysterical site that will fill you up with enough 5’s for life.  (Shout out to my homegirl Melissa for sharing the link while we were IM-dissing. Yo!)

UPDATE Had no idea I posted 3 times!  Thanks thanks a metric assload, Ben, for making me so confused with your comment that I looked to see what the deal was.  Again….my bad!

And seriously, you cannot get mad at me when I start using the phrase metric assload.  I am pretty sure it is now my favorite phrase.  And maybe asstacular.  I mean, seriously people, with phrases like that, who can resist?  Certainly not me.


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