A Multi-tasking T-Day

A Multi-tasking T-Day

Today is a T-day.  A glorious, holy, sacred T day.  If you’ve been here long enough, you know that my T-Days are the days I am alone.  My sacred day.  My ME day.  Melissa talked about T days over at Suburban Bliss.  That will help you understand why we so LOVE our T days.  In fact, on this sacred days our IM’s rarely start with “Hi” or some form of socially acceptable greetings.  They are always started with something about our T Day.  A moment to preach the gospel of Days Alone.  The most dreaded greeting one of us could send or receive would be “She/He is SICK.  SICK ON A T-DAY!” There are gasps of horror.  Shrieks of disbelief.  And usually much sympathy drinking and consoling.  You must understand how much we need, cherish and worship our T-Days.

Check your calendars with me, wonderful internet people.  What is today?  Oh yeah, baby, it is a T-Day!  (Excuse me while I just jump up and down clapping for a moment.) Unlike my poor fellow worshipper of T-Days, my holy days last 5 hours.  5 HOURS ALONE.  With no one here.  Not one living, breathing person who needs me to do something for them.  Not one poopy butt to wipe AT ALL.  Oh, yes, I love my T-Days.

Today is Gabriella’s Halloween party at school.  Parents are invited.  It’s for one hour.  Smack dab in the middle of my sacred T-Day.  What to do?  What to do?  I suppose since I will have the rest of my T-Day to myself, I should go, right?  Oh sure, it will cut down on my running through the house in my underwear screaming “I am all ALONE!  I am all ALONE!”, but it is for my little girl.  Maybe I can combine a few of my T-Day activities.  Oh say, running through the house in my underwear WHILE eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s with 80’s music blaring from my stereo.  It won’t be quite the leisure activity as it is when those are done seperately, but sometimes a mom just has to make these sacrifices for her children.

But seriously, don’t call me today.  With my multi-tasking situation going on because of the party, I simply won’t have time to talk.  And yes, I might just be a little bit rude.  This is my sacred T-Day afterall.


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