Fall BREAK?!

Fall BREAK?!

It is Fall Break all week here at Casa Java.  Fall Break. Who ever heard of such a thing?  What foolishness have these educators come up with? What caused them to come up with a schedule in which they think it is a good idea to give these children an ENTIRE week of school off.  At home.  WITH THEIR PARENTS!  Why have they done this to me?  (And trust me when I say it has been done to me. I am taking it as a personal attack that they are sending the children home for an ENTIRE week.)

Today it has been raining. Hard.  Storms.  As in I cannot even send them outside to play.  I need a plan.  Tomorrow may be State Fair day.  Wednesday movie day.  Thursday….Thursday??.  Oh dear lord I am out of ideas by Thursday.  I do know Friday is happy hour.  For me.  Not the kids.  Celebrating making through the week.

So far, the count is 3 movies, 2 forts and several PlayStation games accomplished.  (Don’t judge my little couch potato children.  Like I said, it is raining.  Hard.  As in storms outside.  They have free computer/game console/television reign today.  Unless you are offering to come be their social director.)

Hey, at least it’s not Monday!  Woot!

What do you mean it is still Monday.  And not even after 5:00pm yet?

Let me just tell you.  I am the one who needs to have a BREAK!  wink


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