Little RED Mommy from da Hood!

Little RED Mommy from da Hood!

When I get bored, I get restless.  When I get restless, I get brave.  When I get brave, things happen.

We’ll start with the obvious of how could I possibly be bored when the kids are on FALL BREAK?  (I plan on using all caps when referring to FALL BREAK so that the intensity of the situation is not lost on you.  I mean, I am not talking about a day or two off of school.  I am talking about an ENTIRE week.  So, you’re just going to have to get used to it, okay. Because if I am suffering during FALL BREAK, you need to suffer right along with me.) So, where was I?  Oh, yes, I was bored.  You see, for as long as my children have been in school of some sort, we have had to deal with FALL BREAK and SPRING BREAK.  I have always had to come up with ideas to keep them entertained so as to avoid the whole “putting them up for sale on e-bay because I can no longer stand being in the same house with them day after day after day during the wonderful things known as FALL BREAK” scenario.  My sister is queen at scheduling things to keep them occupied.  I have been known to refer to our visits down to her house during SPRING BREAK as “SPRING BREAK Boot Camp”.  She is just that good.  Me? Not so much.  I am missing my Julie from the Love Boat Social Director on the Lido Deck gene.  But nevertheless, I have been forced to come up with activities to keep the kidlets entertained the entire week of FALL BREAK.

Except this year. 

This year something amazing, incredible and, yes, perhaps even miraculous has occurred.  They have made their OWN plans with their OWN friends WITHOUT my having to come up with a schedule that includes shuffle board on the Lido deck at noon.  Hallelujah!  I don’t have to keep anyone entertained for a week.  Just myself.  And Gabriella.  But she is easy.  I just give her a bunch of Barbies and she goes to town stripping them and hiding their clothes.  Not very challenging planning going on there.

Which brings me back to being bored.  With no one that I have to keep entertained but myself, I ran out of ideas.  I mean, I do have to keep in mind that Gabriella probably has to be taken into consideration if my plans include leaving the house.  It limits me.  So what is a girl to do? 

Why, she dyes her hair red.  Dark.  Auburn. Red.  (My hair.  Not Gabriella’s.  Just so we are clear.  She is still a natural blonde.)

Yes, that’s right.  Me, little Miss I-Was-Born-A-Blonde-I-Will-Die-A-Blonde is no longer a blonde.  At all.  I am a full blown, no holds barred, balls to the wall Red Head.  And I am loving it, baby!

So like I said…When I get bored, I get restless.  When I get restless, I get brave.  When I get brave, things happen.  In this case, I became a redhead. 

Oh and for the record, he is loving it.  I think he just may be sporting a fantasy that he is flirting with some hot new babe and won’t even get in trouble for it!  I can definitely see fun possibilities with this new look.  Woot!


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