One of the (un)chosen few

One of the (un)chosen few

This being an election year, we are subjected to the political process more than we really care to be.  I used to think that backstabbing, unfair policies, outright lies and favoritism to those with the deepest pockets was something reserved for Washington DC and politicians.  Until I came to know our PTA. Now remember, I was one of the insiders last year, so I know how this group works.  I’ve seen the political game in action. 

You see, every year our 5th graders go to camp.  They look forward to it all throughout their years in elementary school.  It is a BIG deal.  They tell any parents who want to go that they can sign up and be put into a “random” drawing to be chosen to accompany the kids.

A “random” drawing. (Can you see the *eyeroll* from there?)

In fact, in the meeting that discussed this “random” drawing, I even asked aloud if it would truly be a “random” drawing or a designated people are going and whatever slots are left we will have a “random” drawing.  They insisted that “Oh, of course it would be fair.  Everyone has a shot!” That night my husband and I laughed over this.  In fact, we had a wager going.  I would pay him $1,000 and do anything he wanted to an entire MONTH if I was randomly chosen.  Knowing that I broke up with the PTA last year, I realized that if the drawing was fair, I had a chance.  However, knowing this PTA like I do, I was willing to bet my life that it wasn’t fair. 

Let’s just say if this “drawing” was random, then whoever did the actually choosing of the names “randomly”, they need to get their butts to Vegas PRONTO.  Because, honey, they beat all kinds of odds.  I hope they play the Lotto!  I hope they get on all game shows, especially that new one of PAX called “You’re Full of Crap.” They would SO excel on that one!

Maybe I am misjudging it.  You tell me.  This is the “random” drawing results” of the parents chosen:  PTA president, PTA Vice President, PTA board member that has been on the board forever, a cop, a professional photographer and a Scout Master.  In addition 2 other moms who are at the school anytime the doors are open.  You know the group.  The ones that get to do everything while the parents who work or have other kids get to try to pick up whatever crumbs they leave behind. 

What do you think?  Was it a “random” drawing? 

I know it sounds as if I am bitter.  I am not. (Much) I am angry.  Realistically, it would have been incredibly hard for me logistically to be able to do this.  But I have friends who really wanted to go but are not able to be there Every.Time. The. School. Is. Open.  They never had a chance.  And that makes me mad.  I had to look at my son who so badly wanted me to go (before the “random” drawing) and try to prepare him for the fact that hell had a better chance of freezing over than me being selected in their “random” drawing.  (Of course, I said it much nicer to him.)

The ironic thing about it all, even though my gut knew it wasn’t a “random” drawing, it was someone who was chosen to go that approached me telling me how sure he was that it wasn’t “random” and that he felt guilty that he was one of the Chosen Few.  I adore this man, so I told him to blow it off and have fun.  But you see, to hear it from one of the Chosen Few just proves that it is obvious to not only us, the UNchosen Few, but those who were selected to go.

I still have 2 more kids to go through this school.  (Assuming that we are still here and that there hasn’t been a petition to remove The One Who Goes Against the Stepford Way of Life).  You better believe I will be all up in the faces of whoever is in charge of this when it is time for my other children go.  And ironically enough, because they made their choices so obvious, I am no longer alone it seeing how pathetically biased this PTA has been.  They shot themselves in the foot this time (and I didn’t even have to help).

Washington DC has nothing on the PTA when it comes to dirty politics.  The candidates could learn a thing or two from this group.

Bitter much?  Perhaps.  Deal.  I am crazy, remember?  wink

(Question…has anyone ever been dooced out of a school for their website?  Just asking.)


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