Playing catch up

Playing catch up

Good morning! Ahhh, the bliss of sitting in a quiet house, sipping coffee (out of my brand new coffee mug that Brandon bought for me at camp…such a good boy!) and watching the battle of the morning divas on television.  Oh, sure, it may not sound very thrilling, but after a weekend of arguing kids, cleaning up mess after mess after mess, this is good!  My family seemed to have a case of the Mondays today, but let me just tell you that for me, with the exception of getting up too damn early, Mondays can be good.  Everyone except for me and Gabriella are out of the house.  It is pretty much a recovery day for me.  Time to catch my breath and reclaim my house.  (Don’t get me wrong.  It is nothing as sweet as my Tuesdays and Thursdays to myself.  Now THAT is some quality time!)

I can tell my body is adjusting to the meds.  For one, I am SLEEPING.  So, this is what people do at night!  Of course, I still find it extremely hard to believe the directions on my sleeping pills that say to only take them when you are “guaranteed to be able to sleep for 7-8 hours straight.” Are they kidding me? Does anyone sleep that long at a stretch?  Seriously?  Because I only sleep that long if I am sick.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with it.  In fact it sounds completely blissful.  But is that possible?  I would love to be able to do that.  For me, my 6 hours (with minimal waking up now) is like a vacation.  I am a new women getting this much sleep!  And when I wake up on my own?  There is no gradual waking for me.  I go from deep slobber-sleeping to wide awake ready to GO GO GO!  (Now, when the alarm does the waking it is a bit more grump-induced than that, but at least I feel sane and rested.)

Speaking of sane, I’m not there yet, but I do feel like I am on my way.  This weekend I varied between fatigue and elation.  However, bat-ass crazy was not on the list this weekend.  Trust me, for my family that is good news.  I am hoping the whole fatigue thing will wear off soon enough.  It is frustrating to be getting more sleep now and yet still having to battle fatigue.  I am feeling better, though, afterall.  That dark pit is no longer swallowing me up.  Part of that also has to do with fact that so many other women have told me that they understand and have been there too.  I guess somehow knowing that I am not the only one to snap does help.  Of course, that means that there are more bat-ass crazy women out there than just me, so you better look out.  You never know where we may be hiding. 


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