I signed up for what?

I signed up for what?

Apparently I truly have lost my mind.  “How can you tell, Jenn?”, you may be asking yourself.  (First, that is a rude question, you know.  Secondly, good point.) The answer is I signed up for NaNoWriMo Perhaps I have lost my mind.  Okay, I have.  No one is debating that one.  (Okay, there is that freaky guy in the back that may be debating it, but he likes to debate everything so no one really listens to him.)

50,000 words.

30 Days.


Enough said. 

I’ll keep you updated.

In other news, I finally picked up a book that has been recommended to me by so many people!  I went to my library and got a copy of Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird.  How can I put this?  I LOVE IT.  I have drawn little hearts around it and put “I love you stickers” on the pages of my favorite chapters.  (All of them.) How can you not love a book with a chapter entitled “Shitty First Drafts”?  If you are a writer, stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and follow this link or go to your library and get this book.  Now.  Go.  You’ll love it.  You have my word on it.  How could I not have snagged it up when I first heard about it?  I don’t know either.  Chalk it up to craziness.  (I do that with everything else!) But I may have to tell the library they can’t have it back.  I love it too much.

So, that is the going ons going on here.  What about you?  Tell me what I have missed being out of the blogosphere so much lately!  Update me, people.  You are my link to insanity.


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