Outted again?!

Outted again?!

Last night was the school dance at the boys’ school.  And, yes, I did go.  Claws fully retracted.  Okay, maybe not fully retracted, but they were not out for all to see.  (Unless you know me well and provoked me to reveal a glimpse of them.) But really, I SO behaved.  (I’ll wait while you oooh and aaahhhh over that.)

While sitting there talking, my blog was outed again.  (More and more people in Stepford are learning about it.  Of course, none of the true Stepfords have found it.  That I know of.) So as I hear the words, “She has a blog.” come out of my friend’s mouth, I ponder whether or not I can spin it.  You know, say it is all about promoting awareness of the PTA.  Or perhaps reviewing The Stepford wives.  Something that makes it sound a bit less, oh how shall I say, bitchy. 

“So, what is your website?” I hear.

I thought about saying Dooce but I was pretty sure that I would be found out fast.  First, I am not of Those Who Grew Up In The Mormom Church and secondly, I am pretty sure they would figure out that I don’t have a young daughter named Leta.  So, I thought better of giving that answer.

Next thing I know, MommyNeedsCoffee is coming out of MY mouth.  Oh dear lord did I really out myself.  To a *gasp* real PTA’er?  What’s next?  Signing up to bring juice to the next Big Event.  Heaven Forbid!

Then, the woman who outted me said, “Hey, but now that you know we read it, you can’t talk about us.  At least not by name.”

Yes, I laughed too.  Go ahead.  But to respect their privacy, I certainly will not mention the names Rhonda or Tim from this conversation.  That would be so wrong.

And did I mention that this Rhonda is the one who put MY NAME on a list to help with a big PTA project at the end of the year??  I TOLD HER that I would help “under the table”.  That means WITHOUT ANYONE KNOWING IT.  And now?  My name is on a PTA LIST.

That does it.  I am going to be officially booted from the Volunteer Protection Program Damn you, Rhonda


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