So where was I?

So where was I?

Internet, sweet internet, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

1.  You forgive me for taking off for over a week without writing or calling or even letting you know I was leaving town.*

2.  You come back to me even when I have done you wrong by neglecting you.  AND you stay for longer than the minimum 30 seconds that

Blog Explosion requires.  (You are staying longer, aren’t you?)

3.  You have forgiven me for my brief, albeit torrid, fling with Sergei.

4.  When I showed you pictures of my new hair color, your replies were neither “Why in the world did you do that to your hair?  Is it permanent?” (Thank you oh so much sister-in-law) or “Uhhhh…ummmmm…well, that sure is…uhhh…interesting.” (Thanks, Daddy.)

5.  None of you have preached to me about the whole caffeine isn’t good for you or that it may contribute to my sleeplessness.  (That doesn’t mean you can start now, my friends. )

6.  Finally, you conveniently forget that more than once I have promised you that I would get better with updating everyday and then disappear for long stretches without writing.  This time it is different.  No, really, it is.  For you, I will update more. 

Thanks for coming back again after I have been gone so long.  You’re the bestest ever!

*Just in case you haven’t forgiven me, I have learned from the best how to seek forgiveness.  Eye Candy!




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