What IS that smell?

What IS that smell?

Things overheard in my kitchen that strike fear into the heart of my husband. (Although, truth be told, they really are not that uncommon to hear if I am cooking.)

“Ohmigod come here quick!…..Wait nevermind….it was a tiny fire and it is out now.”

“COOL!  I didn’t know that would melt (can also be replaced with ’catch on fire‘ or ‘explode’).”

“Mommy, are there going to be anymore fires tonight or is dinner almost ready?”

“I swear to you it is something on the burner that smells that way!  I haven’t even begun to cook yet.”

Now, if you really want to be afraid I will confess something.  And as Bill Gates is my witness (because we all know he sees everything we do on the internet, right?), all of those things were overheard at my house. 


While I fixed dinner.

(Is it any wonder why he does almost all of the cooking in our house?)


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