Another mouth to feed. But a cute one!

Another mouth to feed. But a cute one!

I am shocked. I am a bit stunned.  I am even a little bit freightened.  I found out this weekend that there is going to be another member of our family.  A boy.  (Yes, we know already.) He is absolutely adorable. 


I have begged for a dog for a while.  It was just never a good time.  That and the fact that I really wanted a Lab and Clint really wanted a Doberman.  He has had dobes before and loved them.  I just wanted one that seemed more “snuggly” than what I thought of as a doberman.

So on Friday, Clint comes home and says he wanted me to just “go look” at something that he really wanted to give to me for Christmas.  I am not one to fall for “just something”, so he told me that it was a doberman and he just wanted me to “look” and that “of course I could say no if I didn’t like him”.

I went into it with an attitude of, “this isn’t going to happen, but I will be a mature person about it and give the dog a chance.” I just didn’t think a doberman was for me.

Then I met him

Then I held him

Then, he snuggled up against me and nuzzled into my neck and sighed.

I admit it.  I am in love.  I want him to come home with me now.  Like Right.  Now.

But, with Christmas plans and traveling and the chaos that is involved, both the breeder and Clint and I agreed that we should wait until after Christmas to bring him home.  *sigh* I want my Christmas baby to come home to me now.  (Patience never was one of my strong suits.)

So here is where you, my dear internet, can help us out.  He needs a name.  We all are going make suggestions.  But, I made a deal with Clint before we ever decided to do this that if we did decided to bring this little guy home with us, I would get the final say in the name.  I need your help in coming up with some good ones.  Keep in mind that he will grow up to be a rather large dog.  Fluffy just won’t cut it.  I have a name I really want, but I am going to be mature about it and listen to other suggestions.  Who knows.  Maybe one of you has the perfect name picked out for us.

Will you help us out?  What ideas do you have for out newest addition’s name?  If the name you choose wins, there may just be a prize in it for you.  Does that motivate you to suggest one?  Prizes?  Thanks in advance for your help.


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