BoB Awards

BoB Awards

Same old bloggers. Same old contests.  Same old winners.  (Usually political in nature.) Had enough and want to recognize some of the lesser known blogs that you love? 


The Best of Blogs (BoB) 2004 Awards are open for nominations! Head on over and put up your favorite blogger in the appropriate category.

Categories include (but are not limited to):

# best overall blog

# Most humorous blog

# Biggest blog whore (sadly, Genuine is not eligble)

# Best mommy blog

# Best daddy blog

# Best sex blog

# Snarkiest Blog (yes, for the bitchiest blogger you know)

Yes, I too was saddened and a bit put off by the fact that there was no category for Best Red Haired, Coffee Drinking Mom Blog.  I so would’ve run for that one!  I might’ve had a shot!

Anyway, scoot on over to the BoB nominations page.

Take the time to comment or nominate and you just may win something.  “Make sure to keep visiting throughout the day, because some lucky commenter or person making a nomination might receive a wondurful prize, like a new Weblog Design, or other wonderful prizes. Yes, you don’t have to be nominated or voted on to be a lucky winner!” At least that is what Genuine said.  Blame him if you don’t win.


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