But I want to PARTY!

But I want to PARTY!

Let me take you through the last month of my life.  (Don’t worry.  You’ll get the condensed version.)

Starting around my birthday last month, Brandon came home from school with a fever of about 102 degrees.  It wouldn’t break for 5 days!  Finally, he gets well.  The day I send him back to school, the nurse calls me to let me know that Zarek is in her office with a fever.  So off I go to pick him up.  Luckily, he only has this fever for 2 days. 

So far, I am avoiding it.  I get a runny nose and feel very worn out.  I have a fever, but it hasn’t beaten me.  Oh sure, the fever and worn down feeling make me rather cranky, but I get used to it.  Over a week with a fever, you learn to adapt.

Move forward to the first day that I am alone.  All alone.  Gloriously alone.  I sleep.  I should’ve shopped.  I should’ve known.  Oh for the love of procratination, I should’ve shopped, people.  But no. I tried to NOT be sick.  I thought that would be smart.  Dumb, dumb move. 

The next day Gabriella tells me she WANTS to go take a nap.  SHE wants to.  She hasn’t napped in over a year.  I brace myself.  Of course, by brace myself I mean hit the tequila.  Twenty minutes into her nap she screams the scream that makes any parent’s heart beat triple time as they race into their child’s room brandishing the nearest weapon they can get their hands on in order to maim the horrible attacker that must be harming my baby girl.  In my case, of course, that would be my bottle of tequila.

I cannot calm her down and she is screaming in pain.  Two hours later and $120 in precriptions and doctor bills, she is home passed out diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and two severe ear infetions.  Which means she sleeps until midnight and then wants to be up to talk and play and watch every annoying child video known to man and child.  Of course, anything Nick Jr based in the middle of the night is a horror.  Her fever and infection keep her needy and at home for a week.

As soon as I see the light at the end of the tunnel with her health, my precious husband comes to me, Kleenex in hand, fever wracking his body and a cough that sounds like he surely will be hacking up a lung anytime.  Oh for the love of penicillin, what is happening here?!

Yet, I push on. I stay up and around.  The throat is fine.  The cough help back.  The nose a bit runny, but druggable.

Yesterday, EVERYONE was well enough to go to work and/or school.  I had the entire day all to myself.  ahhhhhhh Today was Brandon’s class party.  I thought, Why not?  I should go and help.  I was in the holiday spirit.  In fact, there is even an adult Christmas party that I have been eagerly anticipating for weeks.  Adults.  A Christmas party for adults.  I don’t know if I have EVER been to an adult Christmas party without ANY children at all.  It’s been circled on my calendar since my friend told me about it.

Do you see where this is going?  Are you a step ahead of my story?

I got home today from the party.  At some point, apparently an 18-wheeler raced itself right over my ass.

By 2:00 I have a fever of 102 degrees, a nose that won’t stop running, a throat that is on fire and an earache.  Son0fABitch.  It got me.

No party.

No adult interaction.

Nothing but NyQuil and my blankie.

Is it okay that I am crying like a little baby because I can’t go?  I mean, literally crying like a damn baby.  Forgive the whine, but I WANTED to go.  And now I am sick.  And frankly, this sucks.

I’m getting my blankie and my Kleenex and going to go cry in my bed now.  You holiday partiers, take a shot for me.  Damn germ infested family!!


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